Child Fatality Reports: Syracuse Regional Office

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About These Reports

Child deaths in New York State that allegedly resulted from abuse or maltreatment are reported to the Statewide Central Register (SCR) of Child Abuse and Maltreatment and investigated by the local department of social services (LDSS). By law, certain reports are investigated in coordination with law enforcement.

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) is required by statute to conduct a review of each fatality investigation and issue a summary report within six months of the local investigation. OCFS reviews a family’s history three years before the fatality, including ongoing and prior and current child protective investigations and services a child or family may been receiving prior to the fatality. If OCFS determines that there were lapses in adhering to state regulation or policy, OCFS issues findings and monitors the implementation of the corrective action plan required of the LDSS. OCFS also reviews and issues fatality reports for children who die while in foster care, or while they are receiving preventive services, regardless of abuse or neglect allegations.

OCFS posts fatality reports (names and identifying information is withheld on all reports) when it is determined that disclosure would not harm the child’s surviving siblings or other children in the household. The OCFS Commissioner considers whether publishing a fatality report is contrary to the best interests of a child’s siblings or other children in the household, what effects publication may have on the privacy of children and family, and any potentially detrimental effects publication may have on reuniting and providing services to a family. This process is referred to as a “best interest determination” and is conducted by OCFS and, in certain instances, with the assistance of experts serving on the OCFS Statewide Child Fatality Review Team. This team is comprised of state and local professionals working together to research the causes of preventable child deaths and develops strategies to prevent them. OCFS also certifies 18 regional and local child fatality review teams.

The reports posted here are not the actual investigations conducted by the local departments of social services; they are OCFS’s review of the actual investigation and meet the standards for public release.

See the OCFS Prevention and Child Safety pages for information on keeping children safe.

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Child Fatality Reports: Syracuse Regional Office

Links Date Released County
SY-21-034 Word | SY-21-034 PDF - Dec 31, 2021 Onondaga County
SY-21-037 Word | SY-21-037 PDF - Dec 23, 2021 Saint Lawrence County
SY-21-036 Word | SY-21-036 PDF - Dec 22, 2021 Oswego County
SY-21-033 Word | SY-21-033 PDF - Dec 20, 2021 Jefferson County
SY-21-030 Word | SY-21-030 PDF - Dec 20, 2021 Oneida County
SY-21-028 Word | SY-21-028 PDF - Dec 14, 2021 Oneida County
SY-21-027 Word | SY-21-027 PDF - Dec 13, 2021 Herkimer County
SY-21-031 Word | SY-21-031 PDF - Dec 6, 2021 Oswego County
SY-21-024 Word | SY-21-024 PDF - Nov 26, 2021 Onondaga County
SY-21-026 Word | SY-21-026 PDF - Nov 26, 2021 Cortland County
SY-21-025 Word | SY-21-025 PDF - Nov 22, 2021 Saint Lawrence County
SY-21-022 Word | SY-21-022 PDF - Nov 15, 2021 Oneida County
SY-21-021 Word | SY-21-021 PDF - Nov 12, 2021 Chenango County
SY-21-020 Word | SY-21-020 PDF - Nov 9, 2021 Oswego County
SY-21-023 Word | SY-21-023 PDF - Nov 5, 2021 Broome County
SY-21-018 Word | SY-21-018 PDF - Oct 4, 2021 Oswego County
SY-21-016 Word | SY-21-016 PDF - Sep 24, 2021 Onondaga County
SY-21-015 Word | SY-21-015 PDF - Sep 13, 2021 Jefferson County
SY-21-014 Word | SY-21-014 PDF - Sep 3, 2021 Onondaga County
SY-21-011 Word | SY-21-011 PDF - Aug 10, 2021 Jefferson County
SY-21-009 Word | SY-21-009 PDF - Aug 10, 2021 Onondaga County
SY-21-010 Word | SY-21-010 PDF - Aug 9, 2021 Broome County
SY-21-008 Word | SY-21-008 PDF - Jul 27, 2021 Cayuga County
SY-21-006 Word | SY-21-006 PDF - Jul 15, 2021 Jefferson County
SY-21-005 Word | SY-21-005 PDF - Jul 15, 2021 Saint Lawrence County
SY-21-003 Word | SY-21-003 PDF - Jul 8, 2021 Onondaga County
SY-21-002 Word | SY-21-002 PDF - Jul 6, 2021 Onondaga County
SY-20-060 Word | SY-20-060 PDF - Jun 29, 2021 Saint Lawrence County
SY-21-001 Word | SY-21-001 PDF - Jun 28, 2021 Oneida County
SY-20-059 Word | SY-20-059 PDF - Jun 14, 2021 Broome County
SY-20-058 Word | SY-20-058 PDF - Jun 8, 2021 Oneida County
SY-20-057 Word | SY-20-057 PDF - Jun 4, 2021 Tioga County
SY-20-056 Word | SY-20-056 PDF - Jun 3, 2021 Saint Lawrence County
SY-20-055 Word | SY-20-055 PDF - Jun 1, 2021 Onondaga County
SY-20-053 Word | SY-20-053 PDF - May 24, 2021 Oneida County
SY-20-054 Word | SY-20-054 PDF - May 24, 2021 Saint Lawrence County
SY-20-052 Word | SY-20-052 PDF - May 18, 2021 Cortland County
SY-20-051 Word | SY-20-051 PDF - May 3, 2021 Oswego County
SY-20-050 Word | SY-20-050 PDF - Apr 26, 2021 Chenango County
SY-20-047 Word | SY-20-047 PDF - Apr 5, 2021 Madison County
SY-20-049 Word | SY-20-049 PDF - Apr 5, 2021 Cortland County
SY-20-048 Word | SY-20-048 PDF - Mar 29, 2021 Saint Lawrence County
SY-20-045 Word | SY-20-045 PDF - Mar 29, 2021 Oneida County
SY-20-046 Word | SY-20-046 PDF - Mar 11, 2021 Oswego County
SY-20-043 Word | SY-20-043 PDF - Feb 25, 2021 Broome County
SY-20-042 Word | SY-20-042 PDF - Feb 23, 2021 Oneida County
SY-20-039 Word | SY-20-039 PDF - Feb 23, 2021 Broome County
SY-20-040 Word | SY-20-040 PDF - Feb 16, 2021 Oneida County
SY-20-041 Word | SY-20-041 PDF - Feb 12, 2021 Oneida County