Recording Program Data

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Any municipality providing STSJP and/or STSJP-RTA funded programs is expected to submit data to OCFS twice per program year. Data submissions for the program year are cumulative; data for the second reporting period should build on the submission from the first period.

Individuals designated by their municipality as the primary or alternate submitters should submit data to OCFS through the Juvenile Detention Automation System (JDAS). If you need to establish or modify your municipality’s designees, please send an email to the STSJP mailbox:

Blank Data Files

Record STSJP data for PY 2023-2024 in the Provider Roster linked below. One file should be used for each program approved on a municipality's STSJP Annual Plan. Each municipality should also complete and submit one Data Quality Checklist per period.

Guides & Videos

The following guides and videos are meant to assist our STSJP Partners as they complete their data files for PY 2023-2024. For additional guidance, please email STSJP data questions to