Claiming for Reimbursement

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STSJP is a reimbursement-based program.

Municipalities (New York City and counties) are eligible to receive 62 percent state reimbursement of eligible STSJP program expenditures. Localities need to isolate STSJP-RTA-related expenses, included in the municipality’s DOB approved RTA plan, which are eligible for 100 percent state reimbursement if they meet certain criteria.

Municipality personnel who regularly prepare detention claims in the Juvenile Detention Automation System (JDAS) will have the appropriate permission level to prepare STSJP and STSJP-RTA claims; if not, a request can be sent to the STSJP mailbox:

Once you have a JDAS account, you can create and submit your STSJP and STSJP-RTA claims via the JDAS portal.

Instructions for completing STSJP and STSJP-RTA claims in JDAS can be found by

  1. logging onto JDAS,
  2. selecting the “Help” tab from the main menu, and then
  3. selecting “STSJP - Understanding the STSJP Electronic Claims Submission Process and How to Enter Information.”

Municipalities have up to one year after the quarter in which expenditures were incurred to claim STSJP and STSJP-RTA funds. Claims cannot be submitted outside of this timeframe. Please make every effort to submit all claims in a timely manner, and please note that municipalities must enter STSJP and STSJP-RTA claims.

STSJP and STSJP-RTA claims submitted via JDAS will be electronically signed by the municipality’s chief fiscal officer. The chief fiscal officer who regularly e-signs detention claims will have the ability to e-sign claims in JDAS.

Other personnel from a municipality who need access to JDAS to either prepare or e-sign claims must submit a JDAS user request form. Please email the STSJP mailbox ( to obtain a user request form and submit requests for JDAS access.

Questions concerning STSJP and STSJP-RTA claims and reimbursement should also be directed to the STSJP mailbox: