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Data and Reports

PINS Pre-Dispositional Placements

PINS Post-Dispositional Placements

  • STSJP Annual Out of Home Placements Admissions Data Packet

    The Out of Home Placement Admissions Data Packet provides annual data on youth admitted to OCFS facilities and foster care settings by county and placement type (i.e., Adolescent Offender, Juvenile Offender, Juvenile Delinquent, Persons In Need of Supervision, and Other Child Welfare). This report contains five-year placement admission trends, as well as placement admission rates and demographic profiles for the most recent year for which data are available. Please note that figures contained in this report represent admission events, not unique youth. A single youth can have multiple admissions during a year. This report includes youth in both OCFS custody and LDSS custody.

Other Data

Municipality and Provider Guidance

PINS Diversion Services Municipality Lead Agency


220-OCFS-ADM-22-R1 - Persons In Need of Supervision Reform Changes (Revised 11/8/2023)

Guidance, Tip Sheets and FAQs

State Agency Partners

NYS Office of Children and Family Services works collaboratively and strategically with several state agency partners and the judiciary to most effectively meet the needs of youth and their families.

The New York State Partnership for Youth Justice is an interbranch collaborative focused on improving outcomes for youth in the justice system. The Partnership promotes continuous quality improvement and supports policy and practice changes that further the work of youth justice reform efforts in New York State

Below are links to some of our partners’ resources:

Additional Resources and Emerging Practice