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Is your image out there?

Sent a sext you regret?

Learn about your options.

Did you know?

There is help available to get sexual images taken off-line, help you if your photo is out there, as well as a supportive community of people who have been through it, too. Visit Take It Down, a free service to help you remove or stop the online sharing of sexual images. For more information visit the Missing and Exploited Kids CyberTipline.

Need someone to talk to right now?

Free, confidential support is just a text away.
Text 741741 about images you wish you hadn’t shared, bullying, suicidal thoughts, and way more.
The Crisis Text Line is available 24/7/365.

Of course, the internet, social media and smartphone apps are awesome, but in between the likes, follows, and DMs it can get creepy, uncomfortable or downright scary. Also, keep in mind, what we put on the Internet and social media is there forever. The internet can be an incredible resource and provide great entertainment, and information. Plus, it’s a fun way to stay connected. However, it is important to be smart and safe about what is put out there for the world to see.

For information on how to get the best experience possible, and maybe even avoid some drama, check out these links: