Juvenile Detention Facilities - SD/SSD Census

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The two documents below list detention facilities in New York State, by county.

See also Non-Secure Facility Bed Capacity and Potential Availability.

Daily Secure and Specialized Secure Bed Capacity and Potential Availability

Bed capacity reflects the most recent maximum operational beds available on the date this is published. Available beds reflect the beds available at the time of the chart update. Facilities may “flip” units to accommodate changing population needs, so capacity in each category may vary day to day.


This chart is intended as a guide only and does not make representations that beds will available at the time any county is seeking to admit a youth. Law enforcement and detention-administering agencies must contact the facility directly before transporting a youth to the facility. Please call each facility directly. Contact information can be found in the Secure and Specialized-Secure Detention Facilities directory.

Updated: June 21, 2024

New York City

Males Females
Facility Capacity Available Capacity Available
NYC ACS Horizon Secure Detention Facility / Horizon Specialized Secure Detention Facility 131 15 0 0
NYC ACS: Crossroads Secure Juvenile Center / NYC ACS: Crossroads Specialized Secure Detention 128 8 8 0
NYC Totals 259   8  
Table 1: Capacity and availability numbers for New York City.

Rest of State

Males Females
Facility Capacity Available Capacity Available
Capital District Secure Juvenile Detention Center / Capital District SSD Facility 20 2 3 0
Erie County Secure Detention / Erie County Specialized Secure Detention Facility 38 9 8 0
Monroe County Children'S Center-Rush / Monroe Cty. Specialized Secure Detention Facility 32 0 6 0
Nassau Cty. Secure Juvenile Detention Center 1 12 7 4 0
Onondaga County Hillbrook Secure / Onondaga Cty: Hillbrook SSD Facility 38 6 7 1
Woodfield Secure Cottage / Woodfield Specialized Secure Detention Facility 24 5 0 0
ROS Totals 164   28  

Table 2: Capacity and availability numbers for the rest of the state.


  1. The Nassau County Secure Detention Center may only admit JO/JD youth (not AO's).