LGBTQ Adult Foster and Adoption Resources

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OCFS actively encourages local recruitment efforts to increase the diversity of families applying to become kinship/foster/adoptive resources for youth in foster care, including LGBTQ-led homes to be more reflective of the diversity of the youth we serve.

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Your County Department of Social Services (DSS) will be able to assist you if you're interested in becoming a foster parent for one or more of New York State's vulnerable children. To find the address and telephone number for your local DSS, follow the link above and select your county. In New York City, contact the Administration for Children's Services. Learn more about the requirements to become a foster family.

National research shows that 13% of same-sex couples raising children are raising adopted children and same-sex couples are six times more likely to be raising a foster child than different-sex couples. Additionally, over 35 years of research on the abilities of parents to raise children have shown there is “no difference” in heterosexual-sex parents' ability to raise children when compared to same-sex parents.

LGBTQ parents can face specific challenges in child rearing. If you are looking for support, the following directories can help you identify your nearest LGBTQ Center, or LGBTQ-affirming service provider:

For information on policies protecting LGBTQ people in New York State, please visit the Policies and Laws page located in the left sidebar.

If you are seeking resources on parenting an LGBTQ youth, please visit the Resources for Adult Caregivers of LGBTQ Youth page located in the left sidebar.