Red Hook Residential Center

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Redhook Residential Center is located in Dutchess County, approximately 26 miles north of the city of Poughkeepsie. The campus has a main building consisting of two living units, medical department, classrooms, library, kitchen and dining area. A second building has a full gymnasium, conference room and administrative offices. The campus also contains a swimming pool.

The youth served at RHRC are adjudicated males, generally between the ages of 12 and 18 who have been placed with OCFS by the New York State Family Courts. In addition to a focus on trauma-informed care, RHRC is also known throughout the state for its ability to work effectively with gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.

This facility is accredited by the American Correctional Association.


It is the mission of RHRC to offer trauma-informed care for youth, guided by the principles of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), Sanctuary, and the New York Model.

Individual Counseling

Each youth receives individual counseling with a licensed social worker or psychologist at least weekly. Those with substantial mental health needs receive counseling more frequently. Clinicians seek to involve the youth’s families in family counseling as well, be it in person or by telephone conference.

Group Counseling

Groups are designed to meet current youth needs, but usually include Trauma Recovery, Substance Abuse Treatment, DBT and Sanctuary Groups. Other groups offered include Anger Management, Loss and Bereavement, and Caseload groups.

Case Management

Each youth is also afforded weekly individual counseling with their Youth Counselor, who help with behavioral management, release planning, and coordination with the community service team. Each youth is also assigned a mentor who meets with him weekly to support his progress and provide role modeling.

Support Team meetings

These are held monthly for each youth and include the youth, his clinician, educator, case manager, nurse, parent, and aftercare worker. Here the youth identifies his personal goals and the team identifies what programmatic support can be provided to help him reach those goals.


RHRC offers a stimulating full-day school program, with the opportunity to receive credits that transfer back to the youth’s home school upon discharge. Both regular and special educational services are provided at all grade levels as well as occasional field trips, a school store, and tutoring by local Bard College students.

Vocational Opportunities

RHRC provides an on-grounds stipend program, on-the-job training in the kitchen, portfolio development, and job readiness.

Health Services

The medical team provides a full-range of services, including twice-daily “sick call,” physical exams, lab work, immunizations, and referrals to specialists including dental.

Recreational Opportunities

RHRC offers physical education credits in addition to leisure recreation such as basketball, flag football, volleyball, baseball, swimming and sledding. Weekly trips into the community are used as rewards and include local movies, bowling, and other activities.

Special Programs

Red Hook Residential Center is known for its array of “enhancement” programming, including such offerings such as yoga, video production, audio recording, photography, gardening, drumming, musical instruction, motivational speakers and special celebrations.

Religious Services

Ministerial services and pastoral counseling are available to all youth upon request.

Pre-Release Orientation

Release planning begins at intake. The facility support team members work closely with residents, parents and community support team (CST) members to ensure that residents and their families receive the support needed for a timely and successful return to the community.