Brentwood Residential Center

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Brentwood Residential Center for Girls is located in the central Long Island community of Dix Hills, New York. The 40-acre campus includes two buildings, a softball field, running track and picnic area. The main building houses the living unit, dining area, classroom and administrative offices. A second building contains a gymnasium, additional classroom and offices.

The youth served are female, adjudicated juvenile delinquents, generally between the ages of 12 and 18, placed with OCFS by New York State Family Courts. This facility is accredited by the American Correctional Association.



The youth counselor (YC) meets with youth and assists with release planning, family work and crisis intervention. Support team meetings with the YC, mentor, education coordinator and other relevant staff are held on a 30-day basis for all youth.

Youth participate in weekly drug and alcohol counseling and education provided by OCFS licensed clinicians.


All youth are involved in a structured school setting with small class sizes. The facility provides educational programming for youth according to New York State Education Department requirements. Qualifying youth may also enroll in the Alternative High School Education Programs and pursue Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC).

Vocational Opportunities

Youth receive instruction in job readiness and portfolio development. Brentwood offers on-grounds, paid stipend positions for eligible youth.

Health Services

Comprehensive health services are provided by licensed health professionals. Registered nurses are on duty during day and evening shifts seven days a week. A physician visits the facility twice a month.

Mental Health Services:

Individual and group psychotherapy sessions are conducted for all youth by an OCFS psychologist.


Recreational programming is provided to encourage personal confidence, build self-esteem, support sportsman-like conduct and provide opportunities for productive use of leisure time. Recreational activities include arts and crafts, hobbies, games, physical fitness, sporting events, music therapy, yoga, and dance instruction.

Religious Services

A non-denominational service is offered on a weekly basis is for the spiritual needs of the youth. Bi-lingual Spanish language services are also available.


Families are vital to the treatment for youth in placement and are encouraged to visit on weekends. Family engagement is actively pursued through a series of video conferences, participation in treatment team meetings, as well as facility-sponsored visits to the facility.

Special Programs and Community Partnerships

Brentwood has partnered with the Victim Informational Bureau of Suffolk County, which provides individual and group counseling services for youth who have a history of sex trafficking and domestic violence.

Pre-Release Orientation

Release planning begins at intake. The facility support team members work closely with residents, parents and community service team (CST) members to ensure that residents and their families receive the support needed for a timely and successful return to the community.