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Close to Home is a juvenile justice reform initiative designed to keep youth close to their families and community. As part of a continued commitment to build on reforms of the state's juvenile justice system implemented in 2011-12, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo included the Close to Home initiative in his 2012/2013 Executive Budget Proposal. The initiative allows New York City youth adjudicated as juvenile delinquents, whom Family Court has determined do not require a secure placement, to be placed in the custody of the New York City Administration for Children's Services (ACS) for residential services and aftercare.

Keeping youths closer to their families is a core principle of New York State's juvenile justice program. The importance of locating youth in placement close to where they are from cannot be understated. Not only does this allow families to more easily visit, but it gives them the ability to participate in the youth's rehabilitation program which increases the likelihood of success for youth once they are released.

The Close to Home initiative consists of two phases. Phase I involved youth adjudicated as juvenile delinquents in non-secure levels of placement. Phase II involves youth adjudicated as juvenile delinquents who are in limited secure facility placements.