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NYSCB provides rehabilitation services to children who are legally blind. Early intervention, working with and empowering parents, arranging services to supplement educational activities and ensuring a smooth transition to adult services are all key to maximizing the future independence of each child.

Working with the family, a NYSCB Children's Consultant will help develop a plan to meet the child's needs. The plan may include services provided in the home, the community and/or private rehabilitation agencies. The consultant may provide counseling and guidance to the family, advocacy services, educational consultation and vocational coordination.

NYSCB also provides children with the opportunity to attend summer camps and year-round recreation programs that they might not otherwise be able to attend without the support of the New York State Commission for the Blind. The goal of the recreation programs is to provide children with opportunities that encourage independence and increase self-confidence.

For more information on the NYSCB Children's Program, contact your nearest district office children's consultant:

Buffalo consultants

Robert Barbera phone: (716) 847-3533

Rochester consultants

Tammy Suits phone: (585) 238-8106

Syracuse consultant

Dayna Bergan phone: (315) 937-2858

Albany consultant

Sabrina Cary phone: (518) 473-4359

Westchester consultant

Isabel Gonzalez phone: (914) 993-5383

Manhattan consultant

Paul Geraci phone: (212) 825-7364

Harlem consultant

Calvin Puntiel phone: (212) 961-5846

Garden City consultant

Lori Pickering phone: (516) 564-4320

A Guide to Services for Children Who Are Blind