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Established in 2007

In 2007, legislation in New York established an Executive Board of the Commission for the New York State Commission for the Blind. The scope of the Board’s work will include examination and analysis of services for all individuals who are blind or visually handicapped from infancy through old age, whether residing i the community or in institutions and will address issues of prevention, detection, intervention, education, rehabilitation, and vocational rehabilitation.

The mission of the Board includes:

The meetings of the Executive Board are open to the public and announcements of the time and place of meetings will be posted on this website. If you wish, you may send your comments or suggestions to the Board via e-mail at ExecutiveBoardNYSCB@jgb.org All email received will be addressed by the appropriate committees, but will not be individually answered.

About the Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Commission for the New York State Commission for the Blind (“the Board,” or “Board”) was established by Chapter 57 of the Laws of  200  The scope of the Board’s responsibilities includes examination and analysis of services provided to individuals who are legally blind or visually impaired without regard to age, type or place of service. The Board is specifically charged with the identification of problems and deficiencies in programs and services and recommendations for their improvement so that they are planned, created and delivered in a coordinated, effective and comprehensive manner.

Executive Board Reports and Responses

Executive Board Meeting Minutes


The views and opinions expressed in these minutes are those of the Executive Board and do not necessarily reflect the policies, procedures and opinions of NYSCB.