Guidelines for Equipment Loan Closet

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Consumer Eligibility

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) Responsibilities

Consumer Responsibilities

TRAID Equipment Loan Center Responsibilities

NYSCB Equipment Loan Closet Equipment and Software List

Item Quantity
Laptop computer with docking stations 15.4" 6
Laptop computer with docking stations 17" 2
Desktop computer with 24" monitor 2
Mini laptop 0
Dell Support for the 12 computers 24/7 & 3years 10
AVG for 3 years 10
MS Office 2007 with Classic Menus 10
Printer/Scanner/Copier (low need for loan) 2
MacBook Pro laptop 2
MS Office for Mac 2
Jaws on CD with SMA 10
Jaws USB with SMA 4
WindowEyes with SMA 4
Screen Access to Go 2
SuperNova screen reader/magnifier/braille 1
ZoomText screen reader/Magnifier with ESP 10
ZoomText USB with ESP 2
Magic with SMA 4
ZoomText Keyboard white on Black 6
ZoomText Keyboard black on yellow 2
Duxbury Braille Translator for Windows 1
Audio Graphing Calculator 2
Kurzweil 1000 Scan and Read program 4
OpenBook Scan and Read Program 4
ABBYY Fine Reader Scanning program 2
I Pal Scanner 0
BrailleNote mPower BT 18 with SMA + PMA 4
VoiceNote QT with SMA + PMA 1
PacMate Omni 20 with ASA +PMA 2
Braille Display Focus 40 2
PacMate 20 cell display 1
Acrobat Standalone 19" LCD CCTV with camera 1
Merlin 19" LCD with line markers 1
ClearNote Portable 2-in-1 camera to PC connect 1
Amigo Portable CCTV 3
Compact Plus Portable CCTV 3
Victor Reader Stream with SD card 4
Digital Recorder 2
KNFB Reader 2
GPS System with card and receiver 2
Thumb drives (flash drives) 4 GB 10
Compact Flash cards 4
SD Cards 4GB 6