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Americans With Disabilities Act

In 1990, Congress passed the Americans With Disabilities Act, prohibiting all employers, labor organizations, and employment agencies from discriminating against an eligible individual with a disability. There are many qualified individuals in the labor pool who can complete the tasks required, but are perceived to be incapable because they have a disability that limits an area of their life.

For many Americans who are blind, simple technological adaptations or accommodations can assist them in overcoming difficulties they may encounter on the job. Computer software programs, magnifiers, and other adaptive equipment are available on the market now at reasonable cost that can make the difference for a talented individual with a visual impairment.

The ADA publishes a Technical Assistance Manual that outlines its regulations concerning accessibility. The Manual also includes a list of resources to assist you in making any required accommodations to your workplace.

Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Act

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 sets aside funds to assist states in vocational rehabilitation programs. It establishes the Rehabilitation Service Administration (RSA) and authorizes an Office for the Handicapped to oversee the grants.