Article 29-I

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Purpose of Article 29-I

Voluntary Foster Care Agencies (VFCA’s) must be licensed for the provision of limited health-related services to contract and bill Medicaid Managed Care Plans and comply with Corporate Practice of Medicine standards. The 29-I Licensure applies to all children who the VFCA has responsibility for the care of, and/or boards out.


The requirements for VFCAs to obtain and maintain licensure to provide limited health-related services are as follows:

Services Article 29-I licensure authorizes VFCA’s to provide

Article 29-I licensure authorizes VFCA’s to provide the following:

More information on each of these services can be found in the Article 29-I VFCA Health Facilities License Guidelines.

Process to apply for the Article 29-I license

Article 29-I Licensure requirement applies to VFCA’s that care for, and/or board out foster care children. To be licensed as a VFCA Health Facility, the VFCA must complete the Article 29-I application to include limited health-related services to be provided, the location and description of the physical plant, and other required information.

Please contact the OCFS Bureau of Children’s Medicaid Management for more information on completing the Article 29-I application by phone at 518-408-4064.