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U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Children's Bureau - Laws & Policies

This site provides a path to Federal law related to title IV-E, Federal Policy releases, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the ACF "Child Welfare Policy Manual". The last document is in a Q and A format, Chapter 8 specifically discusses Title IV-E foster care and Title IV-E Adoption issues.

Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Tip Sheet (PDF)

 This tip sheet highlights issues identified by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and the Federal Department of Health and Human Services prior to and during the 2012 primary Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Review (FCER). The tip sheet addresses both non-court and court related issues and the steps to take to avoid compliance problems.

Title IV-E Eligibility Foster Care: Court Related Standards (PDF)

Title IV-E of the Social Security Act (SSA) sets forth standards for federal payments for foster care and adoption assistance (sections 470-479a of the SSA). Included within these standards are requirements that directly rely on court activity. If these standards are not met, there will be a loss of federal funding for a limited period of time or for the duration of the foster care placement. This document outlines federal Title IV-E eligibility standards that involve the court and addresses compliance issues relating to those standards.

Resonable Effort Issues (PDF)

When the removal of a child from his or her home is contemplated or has already taken place, federal Title IV-E standards require a case specific court determination within 60 days of removal whether reasonable efforts were made to prevent removal or were not required. This document outlines federal Title IV-E eligibility standards that involve Reasonable Efforts Issues.

Court Forms

The Office of Court Administration provides forms to help increase the likelihood of being in compliance with federal court related standards required for Title IV-E eligibility. To view the official forms for use in Family Court proceedings please click on the links below: