Title IV-E Expenditure/Claiming Resources

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Title IV-E Foster Care Coding Desk Guide

This desk guide identifies foster care purchase of service codes, names and categories of expenditures that are allowable under Title IV-E and expenditures that are allowable under the Foster Care Block Grant. This desk guide enables local districts to identify and code expenditures accurately to avoid compliance problems.

Title IV-E POS Documentation

The Title IV-E POS Documentation lists the required documentation that must be maintained in a file that is easily accessible at the local district level. These documents are required to support Title IV-E expenditure reimbursement.

Foster Boarding Home Transportation Log
Non-Recurring Adoption and Guardianship Claiming

The Title IV-E Adoption and Guardianship Non-Recurring Expenditures document provides background information on the requirements to claim non-recurring adoption and guardianship expenses. This document also includes instructions on proper expensing and claiming of non-recurring costs.

More Information

POS coding questions may be emailed to: OCFS.sm.finance.IVEFC.POStypes@ocfs.ny.gov.