Foster Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How do I get information about becoming a foster parent?

Your County Department of Social Services (DSS) will be able to assist you if you're interested in becoming a foster parent for one or more of New York State's needy children. To find specific addresses and telephone numbers to your local DSS, consult your local telephone directory. In New York City, contact the Administration for Children's Services, or call (212) 676-WISH.

Can you tell me about the process of becoming a foster parent and form OCFS-5183?

Please refer to the FAQ for the Certification/Approval Process for Foster/Adoptive Parents.

I am a parent of a child in foster care and concerned about the quality of services. Who can I call for help?

Your County Department of Social Services would be the best option in this case. If you have already called DSS and still need help, contact your regional office of OCFS.

I am having trouble with my child/life/boyfriend and want to put my child in foster care. How do I go about it?

Contact your County Department of Social Services to discuss services available to help you better care for your child, whether at home or alternatively in foster care. Your County Department of Social Services will be able to assist you to access the services you need to care for your child.

The court ordered my child into foster care, but they didn't listen to my problem. What can I do?

Contact the Department of Social Services in which the child was placed or contact your regional office. If you were represented by an attorney during the court proceeding, contact that attorney for legal advice regarding your options. If you need a referral for an attorney, please contact your local Bar Association. You may also contact the New York State Bar Association at (518) 463-3200 for a referral.

I applied to be a foster parent and have been waiting for a long time to hear back from / been denied by / object to the person doing my home study. What can I do to resolve my dilemma?

If you have received correspondence from the agency to which you applied, they should be able to instruct you on how to proceed (e.g., file for a fair hearing). If not, contact your regional office.

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The Adoption and Foster Care contact number is: (800) 345-KIDS