Paying for Training

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How Much Does Training Cost?

The cost of training varies from one organization to another. Some training activities are free of charge while others may cost thousands of dollars. It is your responsibility to research what's available, find out how much training will cost and arrange for payment. OCFS sponsors several training activities that are available at no cost, such as:

How can I pay for training?

Educational Incentive Program (EIP)

The Educational Incentive Program is an OCFS scholarship program which helps staff and caregivers pay for approved training and educational activities with the intent to build provider knowledge, skills and competencies and improve the quality of child care. To be eligible for EIP, you must be caring for children in a program licensed or registered by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (NYS OCFS) or the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH).

Eligibility is based on your employment, level of income, and the course or training you choose.

Employment Requirement

Employment verification is required with each application.

Who IS eligible to apply?
  • A registered family day care home provider or assistant(s)
  • A licensed group family day care home provider or assistant(s)
  • A substitute for family day care or group family day care for CPR/FA scholarships
  • Child care employees in a registered school-age program
  • Child care employees in a licensed child care center
  • Volunteers are NOT eligible for an EIP scholarship
Who is NOT eligible to apply?
  • Substitutes for a family day care home, except for CPR/FA scholarships
  • Substitutes for a group family day care home, except for CPR/FA scholarships
  • Adjunct child care staff, consultants and staff not counted in the adult/child ratio
  • Legally exempt programs
  • No Permit Required (NPR) programs
Other conditions
  • Must be a US citizen, permanent resident or resident alien authorized to work in the US
  • Must be a paid employee or the direct supervisor of a paid employee currently caring for children as part of the adult/child ratio requirement in a child day care program licensed or registered by NYS OCFS or NYC DOHMH

Income Requirement

Scholarship amounts are determined using your household size and household income as reported on your most recent IRS Form 1040. Your household income must fall within an income range. EIP reserves the right to seek additional verification that the income documentation submitted is accurate and authentic. If you are applying for a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential fee, your income will not be used as a factor to determine eligibility.

Course Requirement

EIP Pays For
EIP Does NOT Pay For
  • The same training more than once in a single year
  • Books and/or training materials
  • Elective student fees, room or board
  • Test fees and examination preparation
Notes of Interest
  • EIP scholarships will be awarded until funding is depleted or the scholarship year ends, whichever comes first
  • EIP reserves the right to prioritize scholarship awards based on course type
  • Child day care providers may apply for multiple trainings per year until they reach their award maximum
  • EIP applicants are responsible for any tuition and costs not covered by EIP

EIP scholarships will only be issued for training activities occurring in the current calendar year and if your trainer is Credentialed as a NYS Early Learning Trainer, Verified Trainer or a Content Specialist approved in the ASPIRE system. Scholarship applications for training taken with trainers not listed as Credentialed, Verified or Content Specialist will be denied. Get more information on the NYS Early Learning Credentialed Trainers.

EIP has two (2) separate application submission periods intended to provide a balanced allocation of funds for the entire EIP scholarship year. The course start and end dates written on your application must match the actual training dates you attend training and must fall within the correct submission period.

Applicants must provide a completed application by the appropriate deadline to be reviewed for scholarship.

Medication Administration Training Scholarship

The Medication Administration Training (MAT) Scholarship Program is designed to help child care providers pay for the cost of taking a NYS Office of Children and Family Services (NYS OCFS) approved MAT course.


You can find additional information and application instructions for MAT Scholarships on the ECETP website.