Report Child Care Fraud

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Report fraud, waste, or abuse using our Child Care Fraud Reporting online form
or by calling 844-863-9317, Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Reporting Child Care Fraud in New York State

This page is only for reporting child care fraud committed in New York State, involving:

Potential Fraudulent Child Care Situations to be Reported

Child Care Fraud Reporting Form

Please complete the OCFS Report Child Care Fraud Online Form if you suspect, or have knowledge of, a child care services client fraudulently receiving assistance in New York State.

To Report Other Types of Fraud Committed in New York State

To report other types of fraud committed in New York State:

Thank you for your assistance in helping to maintain the integrity of New York State’s assistance programs.

Misconduct by State Employee or Person Doing Business with NYS

The NYS Office of the Inspector General investigates alleged corruption, fraud, criminal activity, conflicts of interest or abuse by a State employee or a person doing business with the State.

Examples include but are not limited to:

Call toll-free 800-DO-RIGHT (800-367-4448) to report misconduct. See the NYS Office of the Inspector General for more information.

The NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) also provides New Yorkers with a means to report misconduct by State officials and employees, lobbyists and their clients, and others who fall under its jurisdiction. Call toll-free 800-87-ETHICS (800-873-8442). See the JCOPE website for more information.