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Mold Cleanup for Child Day Care Providers Webinar

The effects of Superstorm Sandy were devastating to many throughout New York State, including you as child care providers. Damages were severe in some cases and some of you are still cleaning up your programs. The effects of the storm can be lasting and we wanted to help get you back on track so you can provide the best possible care for the children and families in enrolled in your program. During this Webinar training Todd Crawford, from the New York State Department of Health, discussed mold cleanup in child day care programs. He shared information on how to clean up on your own and who to contact for help. He also addressed specific questions about mold cleanup from those who participated live that evening.

Watch this Webinar training to find out more about cleaning up mold in your child care program. Please note you will not receive training credit for this Webinar unless you attended the Webinar at a site on 4/3/13. However, there is so much wonderful information in this training you will want to take advantage of this valuable resource and watch!