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eLearning Course - Transportation

Childcare providers can participate in this 2 hour web-based online training course at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During this fully narrated course trainees will learn important information pertaining to transporting children in a child care setting. Learning points of the training are enhanced throughout using video clips and interactive exercises.

Course screen shot

As you complete each 10-15 minute section, the application saves your progress and allows you up to 30 days to complete the entire course. The self-directed online course Transportation fulfills the following OCFS training requirements:

  • Safety and security procedures, including communication between parents and staff
  • Child day care program development
  • Statutes and regulations pertaining to child day care

This 2 hour training can be used to fulfill the following CDA Content Areas:

  • Planning a safe, healthy learning environment
  • Strategies to establish productive relationships with families
  • Strategies to manage an effective program operation