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Regulation No. 10

Regulation No. 10 ("Guardians"), as first adopted in 1999, is amended to read as follows:

  1. Guardian Defined.

    As used in the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) and in this Regulation:

    1. (a)   "Guardian" means a public or private agency, organization or institution which holds a valid and effective permanent appointment from a court of competent jurisdiction to have custody and control of a child, to plan for the child, and to do all other things for or on behalf of a child which a parent would have authority and responsibility for doing by virtue of an unrestricted parent-child relationship. An appointment is permanent for the purposes of this paragraph if the appointment would allow the guardianship to endure until the child's age of majority without any court review, subsequent to the appointment, of the care that the guardian provides or the status of other permanency planning which the guardian has a professional obligation to carry out. Guardian also means an individual who is a non-agency guardian as defined in subparagraph (b) hereof.
    2. (b)   "Nonagency guardian" means an individual holding a currently valid appointment from a court of competent jurisdiction to have all of the authority and responsibility of a guardian as defined in subparagraph (a) hereof.
  2. Prospective Adoptive Parents Not Guardians.

    An individual with whom a child is placed as a preliminary to a possible adoption cannot be considered a non-agency guardian of the child, for the purpose of determining applicability of ICPC to the placement, unless the individual would qualify as a lawful recipient of a placement of the child without having to comply with ICPC as provided in Article VIII (a) thereof.

  3. Effect of Guardianship on ICPC Placements.
    1. (a)   An interstate placement of a child with a nonagency guardian, whose appointment to the guardianship existed prior to consideration of the making of the placement, is not subject to ICPC if the sending agency is the child's parent, stepparent, grandparent, adult brother or sister, or adult uncle or aunt.
    2. (b)   An appropriate court of the sending agency's state must continue its jurisdiction over a non-exempt placement until applicability of ICPC to the placement is terminated in accordance with Article V (a) of ICPC.
  4. Permanency Status of Guardianship.
    1. (a)   A state agency may pursue a guardianship to achieve a permanent placement for a child in the child welfare system, as required by federal or state law. In the case of a child who is already placed in a receiving state in compliance with ICPC, appointment of the placement recipient as guardian by the sending state court is grounds to terminate the applicability of the ICPC when the sending and receiving state compact administrators concur on the termination pursuant to Article V (a). In such an instance, the court which appointed the guardian may continue its jurisdiction if it is maintainable under another applicable law.
    2. (b)   If, subsequent to the making of an interstate placement pursuant to ICPC, a court of the receiving state appoints a non-agency guardian for the child, such appointment shall be construed as a request that the sending agency and the receiving state concur in the discontinuance of the application of ICPC to the placement. Upon concurrence of the sending and receiving states, the sending agency and an appropriate court of the sending state shall close the ICPC aspects of the case and the jurisdiction of the sending agency pursuant to Article V (a) of ICPC shall be dismissed.
  5. Guardian Appointed by Parent.

    If the statutes of a jurisdiction so provide, a parent who is chronically ill or near death may appoint a guardian for his or her children, which guardianship shall take effect on the death or mental incapacitation of the parent. A nonagency guardian so appointed shall be deemed a nonagency guardian as that term is used in Article VIII (a) of ICPC, provided that such nonagency guardian has all of the powers and responsibilities that a parent would have by virtue of an unrestricted parent-child relationship. A placement with a nonagency guardian as described in this paragraph shall be effective for the purposes of ICPC without court appointment or confirmation unless the statute pursuant to which it is made otherwise provides and if there is compliance with procedures required by the statute. However, the parent must be physically present in the jurisdiction having the statute at the time that he or she makes the appointment or expressly submits to the jurisdiction of the appointing court.

  6. Other Definitions of Guardianship Unaffected.

    The definitions of "guardian" and "nonagency guardian" contained in this regulation shall not be construed to affect the meaning or applicability of any other definitions of "guardian" or "nonagency guardian" when employed for purposes or to circumstances not having a bearing on placements proposed to be made or made pursuant to ICPC.

  7. Words and phrases used in this regulation have the same meanings as in the Compact, unless the context clearly requires another meaning.
  8. This regulation was first promulgated in April 1999; it is amended by the Compact Administrators, acting jointly and pursuant to Article VII of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, at their annual meeting of April 2002, with such amendments effective after June 27, 2002.

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