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Bureau of Training and Development

iLinc Virtual Classroom

This software package allows instructors and trainees from across the state to gather together into a classroom environment using their desktop computers. Instructors and trainees can speak to each other while viewing common content on their computer screens. All a trainee needs is a networked computer, a headset with microphone, and the iLinc software installed on their machine. This technology is also available for use by OCFS staff for conducting training sessions or meetings.

All interested users must attent the Introduction to iLinc course prior to registering for a content course. This course runs about 45 minutes and will help trainees become familiar with the iLinc interface and how to operate the different tools. "Introduction to iLinc" courses are currently held two times a week.

Tuesday @ 11:00am and Thursday @ 2:00pm

To attend an "Introduction to iLinc" course, you will need a headset/microphone, client software and an acount. If you are unsure of what type of headset/microphone you should get, click here to view an example. Be sure to get a headset/microphone for use with a computer, not with a telephone.

Once you have a headset you may sign up for an "Introduction to iLinc" class by clicking here. Registering for this course will automatically create an iLinc account for the trainee and will email them their account information.

If you have any questions or problems, please call our technical support line at 1-800-810-1349.

The iLinc Virtual Classroom is a service provided to State, local district and voluntyary agency staff through contractual agreements negotiated and maintained by the Bureau of Training and Development.

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