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FASP Guide

FASP Guide

Family Assessment Service Plan Guide

Purpose of the FASP Reference Guide

The FASP Reference Guide is designed to assist those who are responsible for completing, contributing to, and/or approving FASPs to do so in an effective and efficient manner. Use of this guide will help support case assessment, planning, decision making, legal actions, supervision, and documentation that are consistent with applicable casework standards. This guide is intended to make case plans more thorough, focused, consistent, and targeted to address the most significant needs of families and children that impact safety, permanency, and child well-being.

This guide can be useful, following appropriate training, as a job aid for completing FASPs once you are familiar with the underlying principles, protocols, and regulations that guide child welfare practice. However, this guide is not intended as a substitute for hands-on training on how to write FASPs. Nor is this guide meant to substitute for ongoing supervision, which provides caseworkers with guidance and feedback in making thorough, balanced assessments and sound decisions, and in implementing effective case-specific plans.

Who Should Use This Guide

The FASP Reference Guide may be helpful to any child welfare provider who has a role in completing, contributing to, reviewing, and/or approving FASPs. Regardless of one’s assigned CONNECTIONS role in a given case, (e.g., Case Manager, Case Planner, Case Worker).

This guide will assist FASP reviewers/approvers in determining whether specific questions have been answered accurately, thoroughly, and in a manner consistent with casework standards. When necessary, it can provide caseworkers with specific guidance for requesting additional information/clarification on a case or for providing feedback to the FASP author regarding the need to reframe or rewrite specific responses. This guide may also help supervisors provide constructive developmental feedback to workers about the focus, intensity, and direction of their casework activities, and the clarity and/or thoroughness of their documentation.

How to Use This Guide

This guide is organized into a series of modules that mirror the sections of the FASP tree. Each module begins with a brief introduction to the module, and rationale for that section of the FASP. FASP screen shotsare paired with Quick Tips for completing each window, followed by more detailed information about what should be addressed within each window.

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