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What is NYTD?

The National Youth in transition Database (NYTD) is a federal program that will help assess a state’s performance in helping youth achieve positive outcomes once they’ve transitioned out of care by looking at independent living services and outcome measure through surveys. The NYTD survey represents an opportunity for youth to provide information about their experiences within the state’s foster care system that will be used to assess independent living services on a national level as well! Pretty cool right?

NYTD-17: What You Need To Know

On October 1, 2013, NYTD will begin its second survey of 17-year-olds in foster care.

From October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014, all youth turning 17 in foster care, or who enter foster care within 45 days after they turn 17, will have the chance to take the NYTD survey.

Q: How will my survey responses be used?

  • Identify areas that need improvement
  • Hold service providers accountable for administering independent living resources
  • Help youth in care get the services necessary for a successful transition out of care
  • Improve foster care for future generations
  • Evaluate and improve programs and services that help youth become successful adults
  • Provide an opportunity for you to have your voice heard

Q: Is the survey mandatory?

Your participation in the NYTD survey is 100 percent voluntary. Your decision to participate or not is up to your discretion and your participation in the survey is completely confidential. Only your survey responses will be used to assess state services and programs on a local and national level. There is no penalty if you decide you do not wish to participate and if you do, you may decline to respond to any questions you do not want to answer.

NYTD Youth Leadership Team: Get Involved!

The Division of Child Welfare and Community Services at OCFS is launching a NYTD Youth Leadership Team! This team, coordinated by Raven Profit, will consist of youth in each region who are interested in getting the word out about NYTD to youth. The NYTD youth leaders will participate in monthly planning calls, draft outreach materials, and facilitate NYTD youth events.

Meetings are expected to start in the Fall of 2013. All interested youth should contact Raven Profit.

Have Your Voice Heard About the Independent Living Services You Use

To help make NYTD a success, you can:

Assets for Independence (AFI) Program

Assets for Independence also known as (AFI) is a program that match $7 to every $1 you save for college up to $2,000 per individual and $4,000 per family. For more information on asset building and financial education programs, click here to be directed to the “Connected by 25” handbook.

Have Your Voice Heard on Capitol Hill

There is an amazing opportunity available for current and former foster youth with The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) Foster Youth Internship (FYI). The program allows current and former foster care youth to opportunity to have their voices heard and recommend policy changes on Capitol Hill! Interns also receive a weekly stipend and housing assignment during the duration of the internship!


  • Must have spent at least 24 or 36 consecutive months in the U.S. foster care system
  • All applicants must have completed at four semesters of schooling at an accredited college, university or vocational school
  • The dates for the 2014 Foster Youth Internship Program are May 27 - July 30, 2014, and the candidate must be available for the entirety of the program to qualify

The application deadline is Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. CCAI must receive your completed application (including the application form, resume, transcript, essay, short answer questions, and two letters of recommendation and recommendation forms) by this date via email to

For more information visit the CCAI website.

Herkimer Youth Speak-Out a
Huge Success

The Region 4 Youth Speak Out at Herkimer Community College was a huge success thanks to our Youth Leadership Teams in Regions 3 and 4!

The Youth Speak Out gave youth the opportunity to speak directly to adult decision makers about their experiences in care.

Youth were able to enjoy Herkimer’s beautiful college campus, learn about some of the academic programs Herkimer has to offer and visit table vendors from Job Corp and the Professional Development Program for information about resources.

Want to Learn More About Higher Education Resources?

Visit the Youth in Care website to learn more about how you can pursue higher education using a variety of resources the website has to offer including SAT prep practice, information about how to pay for college, preparing for higher education, videos, podcasts and more!

(N2K) Need to Know: Getting a Job & Work Experience While in Care

Interested in getting a job? Want to earn a little bit of money while in care?

Read about the eligibility requirements, permission, job readiness skills, how to apply, getting your working papers, support and more in this Youth in Progress (YIP) brochure.

Mentoring Program: Monroe County Mentors Network

The Monroe County Mentors Network seeks to help further the Rochester and Monroe County communities as well as a build a positive future for all youth. This will be achieved through the construction of an environment that supports intellectual development, economic empowerment and interpersonal competence of young adults within the community.

The network consists of three programs:

  • Career mentors
  • Legacy mentors
  • Peer mentors

Who we serve:

  • Youth residing in the City of Rochester as well as the surrounding Monroe County.
  • Rochester and Monroe County Seniors and Professionals who value community engagement

If interested in learning more about Monroe County Mentors Network or becoming a mentor or mentee please contact Rita Hill by emailing her or by calling (585)-753-6456.

Reminders to Students for the Upcoming Semester

  • Visit to learn more about some resources you may be eligible for!
  • Get a mentor if you don’t have one already! Apply for an e-mentor at:
  • Believe in yourself!
  • If your applying to college in the fall, visit to see if you are eligible to receive the Education Training Voucher of up to $5,000 per academic year!

Other Web Resources:

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