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Keeping Children Safe...Right from the Start is a priority for the Children and Family Trust Fund.  In 1998, the Trust Fund began its support of Safe Babies New York, a hospital-based prevention program to educate parents of newborns about the dangers of shaking infants, and to provide strategies for coping with a crying infant. Close to 160,000 parents across New York State received this information in 2013.

Since the inception of Safe Babies New York, several studies (Preventing Abusive Head Trauma Among Infants and Youth Children: A Hospital-Based, Parenting Education Program, 2005; Parent Education by Maternity Nurses and Prevention of Abusive Head Trauma, 2011) have shown the positive effects of coordinated, hospital-based parent education programs. Resources are also available from partners at the New York State Department of Health to support continuing efforts to keep young children safe and prevent tragic incidents from occurring.

In addition to education on Shaking Baby Syndrome (SBS) or Abusive Head Trauma (AHT), Safe Babies New York also includes education on how to provide safe sleep environments for infants. Go to the OCFS Preventive Services: Keeping Children Safe website for a Safe Sleep for Your Baby video and other helpful materials to keep children safe.

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2014 Safe Sleep poster to be displayed around New York State.

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