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Manual - Working Together: Health Services for Children in Foster Care

From this page you can print a copy of the manual Working Together: Health Services for Children In Foster Care, which was updated in 2008-09.  Check this page periodically for revisions and updates to the manual.

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services is pleased to present the manual "Working Together: Health Services for Children in Foster Care." This manual has been developed with the assistance and advice of voluntary agencies and county departments of social services, and is based on extensive research into laws, regulations and best practices. It is designed to support foster care and health services staff in focusing attention on the critical issue of adequate, timely health services for children in foster care.

The primary audiences for this manual are foster care caseworkers, foster care supervisors (including child care supervisors in congregate settings), and persons responsible for the coordination of health services. The manual is not specifically designed for distribution to foster parents, child care workers, or health care practitioners, though some information may be appropriate to share with these individuals. The policies, protocols, and legal footnotes are specific to New York State’s locally administered, state supervised foster care system. Our foster care system addresses the needs of children who are placed in the care and custody of the county Commissioner of Social Services pursuant to a voluntary request or to court action relative to child abuse or maltreatment, juvenile delinquency, or persons in need of supervision.

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