Office of Children and Family Services

Evidence-Based Practices and Programs

Define the Population

For whom are you searching for an effective practice? Any or all of the following should be considered:

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Race, ethnicity, culture
  • Setting
  • Are you interested in serving
    • families as wholes?
    • child-parent dyads?
    • children/youth only?
  • In what context?
    • Home
    • Foster care
    • Juvenile justice
    • Protective/preventative
    • Transitioning
  • Are there any special factors/considerations?
    • Mental health issues (general or specific)
    • Substance abuse
    • Disproportionate representation
    • Gender identity issues

What may seem like small differences can have a huge impact when selecting a program. The more specific you can be about the target population, the better you will be able to match the evidence-based practice or program.

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