Effective and Promising Practices

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Welcome to the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) Effective Practices page. OCFS is committed to supporting evidence and outcome based services. This website is designed to be a resource for professionals and stakeholders interested in advancing programs and practices that are designed to achieve positive outcomes for the children, families, and communities of New York State.

How to Develop Outcomes

A growing demand for accountability from human service providers has led to an increasing expectation that programs and services produce measurable, positive outcomes for children, families, and communities. Before you choose a program to purchase or to implement, it is very important to identify the outcomes you expect the program to produce for your targeted population. This link will connect you to information on how to develop a logic model. A logic model is a data driven method used to strengthen programmatic planning. A logic model connects a strength and needs assessment to corresponding outcomes and appropriate strategies.

Links to Effective Programs and Practices

Once you have determined your desired outcomes, this link may assist you in identifying effective programs that best match your needs.

Links to Outcome Measures

After a program has been identified, this link will lead to sites that include a variety of methods used to measure outcomes.

Implementation Issues

Once outcomes have been considered and an effective program has been identified, you may be facing multiple implementation issues, including program fidelity concerns. This link will show you what others have learned when implementing programs.

Funding Considerations

When considering potential funding for new effective programming, do not always think that you must find new money. Re-directing money to effective programming is an option worth considering. For those looking for new money, this link will lead you to information on OCFS funding options.