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Funding Considerations

When considering potential funding for new effective programming, don't always think that you must find new money. One can look for new money or new ways to use existing money. If you identify a program that has not produced the level of positive outcomes you need, you may want to consider re-directing those resources towards a more effective program or you may want to re-tool the program by applying a revised logic model, modified services and new outcome measures to the current program. Identifying effective early intervention programs with demonstrated results can be more cost effective than more intensive programs implemented after the need has become more pronounced. Re-directing money to effective programming or working with existing service providers to implement evidence-based programs or practices are options worth exploring.

When looking for new money, sources may include: government, foundation, and private source funding. Below is one way OCFS can help you be notified of new funding opportunities.

The OCFS Online Bidders List

The OCFS Online Bidders List - allows organizations to register online to receive notifications of OCFS grants, services for the blind, and other non-grant (e.g., consultant services, legal services, etc.) bidding opportunities based on service category preferences selected during registration. This site also has a link to RFP's. If you have problems registering electronically, please contact us by e-mail at

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