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Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Development

The primary focus of the Office of Strategic Planning & Policy Development (SPPD) is the integration and continuous improvement of policy and practice across the major program areas of juvenile justice, child welfare, and youth development. SPPD develops and analyzes state and federal policies, develops the research agenda necessary to advance the OCFS mission and the Governor’s goals for the agency, and provides analytical and technical support for maintaining a data-informed and outcome-focused system. These core functions are carried out by two Bureaus: the Bureau of Policy Analysis (BPA) and the Bureau of Research, Evaluation, and Performance Analytics (BREPA).

Bureau of Policy Analysis

The Bureau of Policy Analysis (BPA) is charged with developing, reviewing, and revising policies in response to federal and state legislation; monitoring legislative activities; researching and recommending best practices; analyzing and synthesizing information for administrative directives, local commissioner memorandums, and informational letters; and disseminating OCFS policies to the local departments of social services and voluntary agencies that support the safety, permanency, and well-being of children and youth.

Bureau of Research, Evaluation, and Performance Analytics

The Bureau of Research, Evaluation, and Performance Analytics (BREPA) promotes the integration of child welfare and juvenile justice research into agency policies and practices; designs and conducts research and evaluation studies to monitor the incidence, causes, and effects of problems faced by the children and families served by OCFS; provides analytical and data management support for policy planning and performance monitoring efforts; and fulfills federal and state reporting requirements.