Office of Children and Family Services

Statewide Financial System (SFS)

SFS – Travel & Expenses

The Statewide Financial System (SFS) is a NYS government initiative to replace its Central Accounting System and several agency financial management systems, including financial documents related to employee travel.

The SFS will result in changes in how OCFS employees complete and submit travel related documents.  The Request for Travel, OCFS-0128 form, will be replaced with the SFS’s electronic Travel Authorization.  The Travel Voucher will be replaced with the SFS’s electronic Travel & Expense Report.

Pre-trip approval of estimated travel expenses will be processed via the Travel Authorization Module.  All employees will be responsible to create and submit for approval Travel Authorizations prior to date of travel.  All approvals must be in place prior to travel occurring.

To claim and report eligible travel expenses, as well as other out-of-pocket expenses, employees will be responsible for creating and submitting for approval Travel and Expense Reports. 

Employees who have been issued a NYS Corporate Travel Card will be responsible for accurately reconciling all travel card transactions posted to their travel card account.  All necessary and required supporting documentation, such as receipts, must be forwarded to the travel unit detailing the corresponding Travel and Expense Report.  Incomplete Travel and Expense Reports and incomplete supporting documentation received in the travel unit will be returned to the employee for correction and resubmission.

Travel and Expense Approvers, such as supervisors and deputy commissioners, will be responsible to check their Worklist in order to review, approve, deny or reject Travel Authorizations and Travel and Expense Reports.

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