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Are You Looking for Qualified Employees? NYSCB Can Help! Pub. 4804

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Have You Considered Hiring an Individual Who is Legally Blind?

These workers have the same abilities as any other qualified employee, and can access support that can provide training, equipment, and even tax incentives for the company willing to make the investment.

NYSCB Can Help!

The Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped is the state agency that assists New York's blind and visually impaired citizens to obtain job training and employment.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring People Who Are Legally Blind?

Qualified, Reliable Employees

  • Legally blind people represent a valuable source of productive, dedicated employees. There are very few jobs that blindness itself would prevent a person from doing. Blind individuals work as carpenters, dishwashers, secretaries, managers, teachers, attorneys, accountants, technology specialists, and in hundreds of other jobs.
  • Advanced technology has eliminated most of the barriers that once kept people who are blind from performing work as accurately and efficiently as their sighted peers.
  • Adaptive techniques allow blind people to safely work in a variety of occupations.

Tax Credits and Incentives for Employers

  • On-the-Job Training funds can often be used to assist employers with the costs of training a new employee.
  • Employers can take advantage of the Workers with Disabilities Employment Tax Credit and Work Opportunities Tax Credits.
  • In some circumstances, NYSCB can pay the wages of a job coach, to assist an employer in helping an individual become oriented to the job.

Support from the Commission for the Blind & Visually Handicapped

  • NYSCB screens qualified legally blind job candidates and supports them with up-to-date training and equipment.
  • Our technology consultants will work with you and your staff to make sure that the legally blind employee is equipped to do the job right.
  • You get a well-qualified employee supported by the state agency devoted to preparing legally blind individuals for today's careers.

How Do I Find Out More?

Please call the local NYSCB office nearest you, or use the statewide toll-free number listed on the back panel.

Albany Office:

(518) 473-1675

Buffalo Office:

(716) 847-3516

Hempstead Office:

(516) 564-4311

Syracuse Office:

(315) 423-5417

White Plains Office:

(914) 993-5370

New York City Office:

(212) 825-5710

Harlem Office:

(212) 961-4440

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