1991 Policy Directives

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Administrative Directives (ADM) are external policy statements designed to advise local service districts and voluntary agencies of policy and procedure which must be followed and require specific action.

Informational Letters (INF) are external policy statements that clarify or amplify existing procedures. They may provide general educational information, transmit a new brochure, distribute a revised list of contacts, or announce newly enacted Federal or State legislation.

These are shared with local districts and appropriate voluntary agencies.

Local Commissioners Memorandums (LCM) are external policy releases that transmit information to the local social service districts commissioners on specific topics. An LCM generally affects all local social services districts statewide. Information transmitted by an LCM may include notification of funding, statewide audit results, or instructions pertaining to existing program or administrative procedures.

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Administrative Directives

Informational Letters

Local Commissioner Memorandums