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International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)

International Center for Leadership in Education ( ICLE) In September 2002, OCFS began an initiative to enhance academic and career programming for its youth. With support from the NYS State Education Department, OCFS contracted with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). ICLE is a world-renowned leader in raising student achievement by assisting states and school districts to revise their curricula, assessments, standards and instructional priorities to better prepare students for post-school roles.

ICLE assisted OCFS to retool its academic and career education programs for rigor and relevance. The goal of the OCFS - ICLE alliance was to provide every facility-based OCFS youth an education to facilitate the transition from economic dependency to self-sufficiency.

As the result ICLE's consultative assistance, OWD is in the process of transitioning its current 20 various vocational offerings is its facilities statewide, to four occupational offerings:

  • Building construction
  • Food Services
  • Retail Sales
  • Beginning Office Work

These areas were selected on the basis of three criteria, identified by ICLE:

  • 10-year labor market projections made available by NYSDOL, indicating a high number of entry-level positions in those fields and related areas;
  • the difficulty of reading requirements associated with entry level positions;
  • the "criticality" of the required reading (e.g. the reading required in retail sales lacks the import of that required by, say, a cardiac nurse.)

OWD is actively partnering with:

Midas International

Midas International - Midas International and OCFS officially began their joint venture on December 11, 2002, as the Automotive Certification Kickoff Ceremony took place at the Tryon Residential Center. Although held at Tryon, the partnership also found similar expression at the other three OCFS facilities featuring an automotive program, specifically, the Allen and Gossett Residential Centers and the Brookwood Secure Center.

Midas International is one of the world's largest providers of automotive service. Its work included service to exhaust systems, brakes, steering, and suspension services, as well as batteries, climate control, and overall maintenance services at 2700 franchised and licensed shops in 19 countries, including nearly 2100 in the United States. Midas seeks to be the most respected, trusted, and sought after provider of automotive repair services.

Through this partnership, OCFS youth can earn a Midas Certificate, providing clear documentation that the youth is in possession of industry standard skills. This certification is placed the youth's portfolio.

OWD has recently purchased a software program for implementation in occupational education automotive shops. The software is currently being relied upon by all Midas franchises in New York State. This ALLDATA system provides an auto repair shop with a tool to assist in repair estimates, troubleshooting techniques, parts identification for all makes of vehicles.

The software also provides Technical Service bulletins on current updates in the automotive fields and recall updates to accelerate diagnosis and repair. It also provides schematics and wiring diagrams to assist technicians. The ALLDATA company provides training and tests to become certified. [certificates are issued direct from the Company] This will provide a student an additional advantage for becoming employable in the field of automotive repair. The joining of Midas International and the Office of Children and Family Services is a partnership that benefits both entities.

  • For OCFS youth: Joining resources with OCFS helps provide a certified training program for OCFS students in auto repair.
  • For Midas International:
    • Midas will benefit by reducing the shortage of quality-trained personnel;
    • Midas benefits by reducing training costs. Training is provided to all new employees. The length of time for training can be reduced through this certification in areas of automotive repair;
    • The partnership conveys to the public that Midas International is invested in the workforce of tomorrow.

Classroom, Inc.

Classroom, Inc. In the summer of 2002, OWD contracted with Classroom, Inc. to pilot a program at the OCFS MacCormick Secure Center in Ithaca, New York. Classroom, Inc. uses industry-based computer simulations to teach students professional situations in any of the following industries:

  • Banking and Economics;
  • Community Development;
  • Health and Health Care;
  • Hospitality;
  • Information Technology;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Publishing;
  • Sports Media;

Classroom, Inc. consists of "real work" simulations where students are actually put in charge of a professional situation. For example, they may be the editor of a daily newspaper, a manager in a paper manufacturing company, or a project director at an information technology solutions firm. By taking charge of decision making in these virtual workplaces, students develop their critical-thinking and literacy skills.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOUS)

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOUS) - Basic office computer skills are increasingly required in all facets of the work world. If our youth are to be competitive in today's marketplace, they will need to possess the necessary skills.

Microsoft Office Specialist certification, the premier Microsoft desktop certification, is a globally recognized standard for demonstrating desktop skills. The Office Specialist program is helping people meet the demand for qualified and knowledgeable people in the modern workplace.

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