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If your child is in placement, you may have many questions. The Office of the Ombudsman (OOTO) can provide information regarding your child’s placement, as well as connect you to agency resources.

While a youth is in an Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) facility, or after a youth leaves a facility and is in a step-down facility or aftercare, that youth has access to OOTO. Parents can also contact OOTO during this time. Click the ‘Contact’ tab to the left to find out how.

What Youth Does OOTO Work With?

Youth placements include the following:

OOTO does not provide services to youth in foster care, day care, or in the custody of the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities nor the Office of Mental Health.

OOTO does not handle Family Court cases nor CPS cases.


If your child is in an OCFS residential placement, find out more about DJJOY services.

ACS Close to Home Initiative

If your child is in a Close to Home residential placement,find out more about CTH placement services.

Aftercare or Electronic Monitoring

If you need information about a youth in aftercare or have a question about electronic monitoring (EM) please contact the local county Community Multi-Services Office.

Foster Care, Family Court Issues, Day Care, or CPS

If you need information about foster care, Family Court, or day care, contact the OCFS regional office for your county.

Also see Child Protective Services.