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JP Morgan Chase Debit Cardholder Alert

J.P. Morgan Chase has notified New York State that some prepaid debit cardholders who use state government services may have had their personal information improperly accessed between July 17 and September 17, 2013.

Affected accounts in New York State are for prepaid debit cards issued by the State’’s Department of Labor and Office of Children and Family Services and EBT cards issued by the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.

Chase reported that there is no evidence any accounts had been compromised and New York State is working with the bank to ensure all affected customers are notified and any issues are quickly and properly resolved.

The bank said only a small portion of all cardholders were affected and those customers will be notified with an e-mail beginning on Monday. A hotline will be open on Monday to answer customer questions. In the interim, Chase directed customers to call the phone number listed on their cards for any additional information.

This potential breach affected about 465,000 individuals in multiple states, according to the bank. Chase is working with law enforcement to investigate the cause of the problem.

The State is awaiting an explanation from Chase as to why the State and its departments were not informed until December 3 of the potential security breach that was discovered in mid-September.