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OCFS Publications Now Available in Seven Languages

Two important brochures provided by OCFS are now available in seven languages.

The first brochure, “Are You Pregnant? Scared? Alone?,” provides information on safe havens for infants.  Each year, babies die because they are abandoned by people who couldn’t take care of them. Often, these are young mothers who give birth in secret - afraid and overwhelmed.  Safe havens are anonymous and available to protect infants. The links to the different languages are:

English /publications/OCFS-Pub4745.pdf

Spanish /publications/OCFS-Pub4745-S.pdf

Chinese /publications/OCFS-Pub4745-TC.pdf

Russian /publications/OCFS-Pub4745-RU.pdf

Haitian Creole /publications/OCFS-Pub4745-HC.pdf

Korean /publications/OCFS-Pub4745-KO.pdf

Italian /publications/OCFS-Pub4745-IT.pdf

Visit our website for more information New York State Abandoned Infant Protection Act,


The second brochure, “Personalized Safety Tips and Emergency Contact Sheet for Babysitters,” is a form for parents to complete to ensure that anyone caring for their child has the information they need regarding care, emergency contacts, and other vital knowledge.  Each sheet is bilingual, including English and the language.

English /main/publications/Pub5047.pdf

Spanish /main/publications/Pub5047.pdf

Chinese /main/publications/PUB5047-TC.pdf

Russian /main/publications/PUB5047-RU.pdf

Haitian Creole /main/publications/PUB5047-HC.pdf

Korean /main/publications/PUB5047-KO.pdf

Italian /main/publications/PUB5047-IT.pdf