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Cyberbullying Educational Reform Program now available online

This online course will help you better understand why cyberbullying and sexting happen, how these activities affect the people involved (including witnesses), how you can avoid repeating these behaviors in the future, and how you can take what you’’ve learned from your mistake to advise a sibling or friend who might be about to make a similar mistake.
However, the online course  can also be viewed by the general public as an education tool. 

Cybercrime Youth Rescue Act

The Cybercrime Youth Rescue Act, which took effect on March 21, 2012, authorized family and criminal courts to divert court-involved youth accused of cyberbullying or sexting crimes to an educational reform program. The Act required the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), in consultation with the state Division of Criminal Justice Services and the Education Department, to develop a curriculum and implement a program in every judicial district in the State. For more information on the Act click