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September is Infant Mortality Awareness Month

 What can be done?

  • Always put babies to sleep alone in an approved crib, on their backs, without any soft items such as pillows or stuffed toys.
  • For more information on keeping infants and children safe, please visit this link to pages on our OCFS website. 
  • Encourage expectant women to seek early prenatal care – this is the number one way to help decrease premature births, low birth weight (LBW), birth defects and other health-related factors.
Healthy Families New York (HFNY) Home Visiting Program    
This OCFS Home Visiting Program operates in 36 sites across the state to help expectant families and new parents with newborns, providing home visits until their child enters school or Head Start. The program targets families who are at high risk for child abuse or neglect due to factors such as being a teen or having a history of substance abuse. It focuses on the safety of children while at the same time supporting families. HFNY had a 48% reduction in LBW deliveries among women who enrolled before the 31st week of pregnancy.
For more information on HFNY, visit: