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Commission for Blind & Visually Handicapped Scores Top Employment Rating

In a recent report by the Federal Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), which evaluates the performance of 24 state agencies throughout the country that serve the blind and visually impaired, CBVH placed 60% more workers in jobs last year than the next highest state.
CBVH has been an active partner in the National Employment Team of the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation. Through this partnership, CBVH has been able to develop relationships with national private and public employers to obtain employment opportunities for the blind and visually impaired in New York State. CBVH also works closely with community partners to increase sharing of job leads and develop relationships with local employers. 
“We are so proud that these valuable partnerships have resulted in career opportunities for the clients of CBVH, who bring valuable skills to the workforce,” said OCFS Commissioner Gladys Carrión, Esq. “These jobs are prime examples of how best to provide growth opportunities for diverse populations and foster success.”
The CBVH vocational rehabilitation program helps people with visual impairments gain valuable employment skills, and works closely with community organizations and vocational rehabilitation agencies to train and develop candidates based on employer needs. The employees who are placed through the CBVH program report high job satisfaction and receive support not only from CBVH but also from their supervisors and co-workers.
The RSA report encompassed six broad categories and CBVH was one of only 3 in the nation that passed the 2011 standards in all six categories. CBVH was also noted for best practices in several areas including the Summer Employment Experience Program for youth, employer business kits that improve employment outcomes, and outreach initiatives to unserved and underserved individuals.
CBVH provides vocational rehabilitation and other direct services to legally blind New York State residents, including children, adults, and elderly persons. A primary objective is to assist consumers in achieving economic self-sufficiency and full integration into society.
For more information about CBVH programs, or to find a local district office, call 1- 866- 871-3000 (TTY: 1- 866- 871-6000), or visit