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New York State Celebrates Provider Appreciation Day, May 7, 2021

Provider Appreciation Day recognizes the remarkable work of all New York State's child care professionals during an unprecedented time.

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) celebrates Friday, May 7 as Provider Appreciation Day to express gratitude to our child care professionals, all of whom are dedicated to the growth and safety of our children. The past year has presented extraordinary challenges, and providers throughout the state rose to each one, helping to ensure the quality of care for which New York State is recognized. Each day they commit to developing the cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical well-being of our children—our future. In normal times the jobs of child care professionals are not easy, and so it’s with extra emphasis we thank them and applaud their remarkable efforts.

National Provider Appreciation Day was introduced in 1996 by a group of volunteers in New Jersey who wanted to commemorate the ongoing efforts of all child care professionals. Join us in showing appreciation to our child care professionals not just today, but every day.

Thank You cards

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