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Coronavirus: Planning for Your Children in Case of Hospitalization or Quarantine

See the coronavirus information page for current information and recent updates.

It may be challenging for both you and your child should they need to be separated from you due to quarantine or hospitalization as a result of COVID-19 related concerns. Such separation, and the anxiety you will both feel, can be lessened by taking some steps ahead of time. Most importantly, you want to make sure your child or children will be well cared for during any period where you are unable to care for them yourself. As a parent you are allowed, by law, to designate another individual or individuals to care for your child in such situations. The form to complete in that circumstance is OCFS Form 4940. Instructions are included at the end of the form.

Information you should have on hand for yourself or other designated caregiver

Start thinking about how to keep track of important documents that you would like to access or have others access in your absence. Important documents could include:

  • Parental designation form
  • Court orders/Custody Orders
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Medical records (appointments, prescriptions, immunizations, etc.)
  • School records
  • Insurance records
  • Social Security information