Coronavirus(COVID-19) Executive Orders

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Governor Cuomo declares a State of Emergency to contain the spread of the coronavirus
(Executive Order 202)

Full Text of EO 202

Today, Governor Cuomo, made a declaration of a state of emergency in New York as a result of the evolving circumstances with COVID-19. The essential components of this declaration involve:

  1. The ability for the Governor to move resources around the state rapidly via selected suspension or waivers of any laws or regulations that may delay a rapid response. It also allows for rapid procurement of all necessary food and supplies without regard to usual and customary procurement rules.
  2. The ability for the Governor to ensure that sufficient medical personnel are available and can perform the duties necessary to assess and treat the emerging cases by waving certain licensing requirements, etc.

This is, in essence, what the declaration achieves. It does not change our responsibilities to come to work each day and provide services to the State of New York. So it is expected that today, tomorrow and throughout this crisis, we will come to work ready to carry out our duties and responsibilities.

If the Governor determines that circumstances change such that NYS employees should stay home or be directed elsewhere, a specific directive will be issued to that effect. As stewards of New York State, we go above and beyond every day to serve the public. Today is no different. In fact, I know that our dedicated public servants will step up during this crisis to be there for our fellow New Yorkers. Thank you for your service.

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