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Supervision and Treatment Services for Juveniles Program (STSJP)

STSJP Target Population

  • Localities may need to change their claiming practices to isolate RTA-related expenses.
  • Local departments of social services designated as the lead agency for STSJP should anticipate expanded programs with increased eligibility.
  • Effective October 1, 2018, OCFS will expand eligibility for STSJP to include youth who are alleged to be or are convicted as adolescent offenders. (PINs, JOs and JDs are already eligible by law.)

Youth Eligible for STSJP Funding
The following are definitions for each population targeted for STSJP funding.

Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS)

PINS  (Alleged)

Denotes that a petition pursuant to Article 7 of the Family Court Act has been filed on alleging that this youth is a person in need of supervision (PINS) or that a person or entity has sought or attempted to file a petition pursuant to Article 7 of the Family Court Act against the youth and as a result diversion services are being arranged or provided for in accordance with section 735 of the Family Court Act.

PINS (Adjudicated)

Denoted that a Family Court has heard the case and determined that the youth is a PINS.

Juvenile Delinquent (JD)

At-risk-youth JD

Youth has been arrested, warned or otherwise come to the attention of the juvenile justice system, or who is a risk of engaging in delinquent behavior as demonstrated by factors that may include but are not limited to  a youth that has poor academic performance, poor school attendance,  history of abuse and neglect, past adjudication as a person in need of supervision,  weak social ties , antisocial or delinquent peers, low parental involvement, substance abuse and increase aggression towards self and community.

Alleged JD

Youth has had a petition filed under Article 3 of the Family Court Act alleging that he or she is a juvenile delinquent (JD).

Adjudicated JD

A Family Court has determined that the youth is a JD


Juvenile Offender (JO)

Alleged JO

Youth charged with a juvenile offender (JO) criminal offense as defined in section 10.00 of the  penal law

Convicted JO

Youth was convicted of a JO criminal offense.

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