Office of Children and Family Services

Supervision and Treatment Services for Juveniles Program (STSJP)

Guidelines and Instructions for Local STSJP Plans

The following are guidelines for applying for and using funds for Supervision and Treatment Services for Juveniles Program (STSJP).

The chief executive officer of an STSJP-participating municipality must designate a lead agency for the purposes of planning and administering services provided under STSJP.

  • Municipalities are encouraged to target their use of STSJP funds toward system reforms and programs that effectively serve youth who are at a high risk of detention or residential placement.
  • STSJP plans must be developed in a collaborative effort with local departments responsible for probation, law enforcement, detention, diversion and social services; as well as courts, schools, and youth development programs to support successful planning and administration of STSJP funded programs to reduce detention and residential care placement.
  • When developing a plan, municipalities must submit an annual plan to OCFS detailing how the supervision and treatment services will be provided.
  • Municipalities may retain the lead agency they designated in previous years, or designate a different lead agency in their new plan.
  • State reimbursement is available only for those services and programs that are included in a municipality's approved STSJP plan.
  • If a municipality's STSJP plan is not approved by OCFS, the municipality will have 60 days to submit an amended plan.
  • The municipality must certify that STSJP funds were not used to supplant other state, federal and local funds.
  • In accordance with Executive Law section 529-b (3)(d), a municipality may seek STSJP funds for services that were provided under a contract in existence on 9/30/10 as Community Optional Preventive Services, alternative to detention, alternatives to residential placement, preventive, independent living, or after care service.
  • Two or more municipalities may submit a joint application to establish and operate services under STSJP. Agreements must outline how each municipality will be responsible for the required local share; how personnel expenses will be managed amongst municipality partners and the primary fiscal officer responsible for the monies made available for approved programs. Each municipality will make its own claims, but may agree to appoint a single disbursing municipality.

STSJP Plan Must Include

  • An analysis identifying the communities that have the greatest numbers of juvenile delinquents and persons in need of supervision placed in detention or residential placements.
  • The name of each service and program proposed for funding with STSJP funds and any juvenile detention services funds the municipality plans to use for STSJP services; its provider; the communities and types of youth targeted for the service/program; and the projected number of youth that will be served.
  • A description of any racial or ethnic disproportionality in detention or residential placements, and a description of how proposed services/programs will address it.
  • A description of how each proposed service and program will reduce detention or residential placements, how it is family-focused, and whether it is capable of being replicated in multiple sites.
  • A description of the demonstrated effectiveness of the proposed service/program, or other justification of why it is proposed for funding.
  • Projected performance outcomes, including estimates of anticipated reductions in detention or residential placements, and other positive outcomes for the youth participating in each service/ program.
  • Information from the preceding year for which the county received STSJP funding on the number of youth who received services, and whether projected performance outcomes were achieved.

Instructions for submitting an STSJP plan for OCFS review

  1. Once you have opened this form on your computer, please immediately use the "Save As" function in Microsoft Word to save a copy.
  2. Save the application using the file name "PY 2017—2018 STSJP Plan--(Name of Municipality)."
  3. Work from the saved application and use it to record all of your municipality's information.
  4. Once you have completed entering the required data, save the document.
  5. Prior to submission, review calculation in section eight for accuracy. Complete the Approval and Certification" section before submission to OCFS.
  6. Send the completed application to OCFS via the STSJP email address:

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