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Employment Opportunities

Employee Benefits

Vacation, Holiday, Sick and Personal Leaves

Generous leave benefits include 13 days of paid vacation leave in the first year of employment, with bonus days for additional years of service; 12 days annual paid holidays; in addition to paid personal leave and paid sick leave.

Health Care Coverage

A choice of quality health insurance plans is available at an affordable, low premium cost to all employees and their families through enrollment in the Empire Plan or a variety of health maintenance organizations (HMOs). The Pre-Tax Contribution Program, which allows for health care insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis, is also available. Employees are provided dental and vision care through either a union employee benefits fund or a state administered program.

Retirement Plan

State employees have a superior plan that provides secure retirement income with vesting after 5 years of service and free membership after 10 years. The plan provides supplemental benefits such as loan privileges, disability retirement benefits, and survivor benefits for eligible employees. Enrollment in the New York State Retirement Plan is mandatory.

Payroll Deduction Savings Plans

A variety of savings plans are available through payroll deduction. The Deferred Compensation Plan is a voluntary program that allows employees to invest part of their salaries for retirement on a tax-deferred basis. The U.S. Savings Bonds Payroll Savings Plan is another voluntary savings program. Employees can also save for their children's education by contributing to New York's College Savings Program.

New York State Flex Spending Account

This account offers two opportunities for pre-tax savings: the Dependent Care Advantage Account (contribute annually to pay for childcare, elder care, or care for disabled dependents with pre-tax dollars) and the Health Care Spending Account (contribute annually in pre-tax dollars to pay for health-related expenses that are not reimbursed through health insurance).

Tuition Assistance Programs

A variety of tuition vouchers and reimbursement opportunities are offered through various mechanisms. The programs provide financial assistance for employees to improve job skills, performance and career opportunities by taking courses at participating New York State educational institutions.

Life Insurance and Disability Insurance

Certain employees may purchase a group term life insurance policy. Employees who participate in the Income Protection Plan are covered for short-term and long-term disability benefits.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP helps employees cope with personal problems. EAP is an assessment and referral service that can connect employees with local service providers and support services to address their needs.

More Information

For more information on New York State Employee Benefits check the Governor's Office of Employee Relations

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