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Regulatory Agenda

What is a regulation?

State agencies issue regulations or rules to interpret and enforce laws enacted by the Legislature. The Department of State (DOS) is the State agency with responsibility for administration of the regulatory or ruling making process in New York State and for production of the New York State Register. The DOS web site includes a general explanation of the rule making process and other helpful information.

How would I get a copy of a regulation on the OCFS Regulatory Agenda?

You can request a copy of an existing regulation listed on the Regulatory Agenda for which changes are being considered by e-mailing or writing to the contact person listed at the end of the Regulatory Agenda. Draft regulatory proposals not approved for publication cannot be released.

Will OCFS issue new or revised regulations for each item on the Regulatory Agenda in the next six months?

Not necessarily. The Regulatory Agenda represents those regulations that OCFS is considering for revision or issuance. OCFS may decide not to proceed with an item on the Regulatory Agenda. OCFS may issue or revise a regulation not listed on the Regulatory Agenda.

How can I suggest/request a change to OCFS regulations?

You can suggest or request a change to an OCFS regulation by e-mailing or writing to the contact person listed at the end of the Regulatory Agenda.

Can I comment on the actual regulation OCFS proposes?

Once OCFS has completed its review and is ready to issue a proposed regulation, before the regulation may be finalized, it must be published in the State Register. Upon publication, there must be an official public comment period of at least 45 days after the proposed regulation is published in the State Register. A contact person at OCFS will be listed in the State Register to receive written comments about the proposed regulation. At the time that the regulation is finalized or adopted, OCFS must provide the State Register with an assessment of any comments received during the official public comment period. Part of the assessment is an analysis by OCFS of the issues raised and alternatives suggested in the public comments. Although OCFS will accept comments on a proposed regulation at any time, only those comments received during the official comment period are included in the assessment of public comment that is printed in the State Register.

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