Prevention and Post-Adoption Services

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Program Description

The TANF Prevention and Post-Adoption Services initiative allocates funds to not-for-profit agencies for the development of prevention of out-of-home placement, and post-adoption services. In conjunction with the federal Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) Report of 2003, OCFS has focused many efforts aimed at assisting local departments of social services to enhance the availability of child- centered, family- focused services which prevent of out-of-home placements and reoccurrence of placements.

TANF Prevention Services focus upon the delivery of prevention of foster care services which enhance overall case practice (activities associated with case planning) and case outcomes. TANF Post-Adoption Services funding enables communities to develop comprehensive adoption services aimed at strengthening and preserving adoptive families after their adoption is final.

Individuals who receive services through the TANF initiative must meet federal TANF income eligibility guidelines and comply with prescribed federal TANF certification.

Appropriation level/funding source/SFY 2007-2008
TANF $20,500,000

Outcomes and Performance Targets



Program Awards

Prevention and Post-Adoption Services Contract List

Locations Served

Prevention and Post-Adoption Services Locations Served